COVID -19 update Friday  13th March 2020


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Big changes to your Sportstiks Brentwood Half Marathon Event 15/3/2020


Covid_19 Pandemic


Following the governments statement yesterday there is no doubt that we are in difficult and dangerous times.


The event is going ahead but with significant changes.


A key part of the government's advice was that we should embrace a much more altruistic approach to the crisis.  Don’t risk your neighbour if you have the slightest possibility of an infection.


If you have been in close contact with anyone with the virus don’t run.


If you are feeling even slightly unwell do not run.  If you have a new cough or a temperature above 37.5 self-isolate for 7 days and obviously do not run.


If you have been in any country that has a very high incidence of infections: China, South Korea, Italy for example and have not self-isolated for 14 days do not run.


Countries such as France and Germany could also be a source of infection.  Consider carefully whether you run.


Social responsibility and social distancing are being suggested even in countries that have some success in controlling the virus and have stringent border controls.


The secure baggage facility has been withdrawn.  You can leave bags in the sports hall, but we will not accept responsibility for any personal belongings.  It is totally at your own risk.  You will be let in to place bags and then escorted out.  We are asking all runners to stay in small groups outside until they line up for the run.

There will be no changing or toilet facilities in the Sports Hall. Portaloos will be in the usual place.


Do not litter.   Place all waste in bags provided. On the course do not drop any bottles, gel wrappers, etc except at bins.  Carry them with you until proper disposal is possible.


Be responsible for your own hand hygiene.  Gels etc.

There will be no presentations after the event.  Please leave promptly. 


We are very sorry to have to impose these limitations on the event but if we were in Scotland, Ireland or most of Europe the event would not be going ahead.


We appreciate that most of the participants are of an age that will suffer little from

a Covid-19 infection but many of the 300 plus helpers are in more vulnerable age groups or have pre-existing health problems


Think of the effects of an infection within your own family and friends.


Good Luck


Bob Davey (Race Director)