With the current difficult and unprecedented situation, I don’t think we can begin to consider next year's event until July or August and even that may be premature.  The run takes almost a year to organise and we would not be able to complete everything required for the event to take place on the normal dates. 

We are also into uncertain times as far as social and sport activities are concerned.  For instance, would our numbers be limited, or venues have restrictions imposed? At the same time a charity fund raising event, such as this, is even more valuable to the many organisations that are currently struggling to raise funds.

We are therefore not setting a date for 2021 event at this point in time (perhaps considering a sabbatical for 2021).  We are looking at a number of alternative ways to enable the event to continue, and this would give us an opportunity to sit back and reflect upon our options. 

Please look out for announcements on our website and keep well. Feedback would be very much appreciated.



Bob Davey (Race Director)