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Awards ceremony

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The Brentwood Half Marathon & Fun Run awards ceremony took place on Thursday 31st March. It was a evening to celebrate the success of the event and the achievements of individuals that ran. Our sponsors Sportstiks kindly hosted the awards ceremony in their factory in Brentwood. The top 3 places of the Half Marathon and Fun Run were awarded their trophies on the day so the awards ceremony is used to present plaques to the winners of their age categories and the winning teams. Below is the full list of runners that placed.

Half Marathon


1st Joshua Entwistle 1:09:54

2nd Crispian Bloomfield 1:10:53 (also 1st Male Veteran)

3rd James Rygate 1:12:37


1st Rebecca Bunting 1:18:16 (also 1st Female Veteran)

2nd Charlotte Bishop 1:23:09

3rd Stephanie Migliorini 1:25:47

Winning Team

Having AC

(Pictured) James Stewart 1:13:27, Kieran O'Hara 1:15:01

Sam Atkins 1:15:39, James Blogg 1:17:18, Barry Smith 1;22:04

Oldest Competitor

Albert Miles 2:45:35

Fun Run


1st Matthew Blacklock 16:54

2nd Joshua Eida 18:18

3rd Ryder Islam 18:29


1st Madeline Barker 18:33

2nd Freya Bundy 19:08

3rd Isobel Calabritto 19:40

Boy 8 to 11 yrs

1st Sean Christian Mugagga 20:44

2nd Stanley Churchill 21:21

3rd Nicky Mulholland 21:22

Girl 8 to 11 yrs

1st Isobelle Eida 21:05

2nd Zoe Muir 26:34

3rd Winnie Churchill 28:31

Boy 12 to 13 yrs

1st Joshua Eida 18:18

2nd Ryder Islam 18:29

3rd Thomas Taylor-Widgery 19:54

Girl 12 to 13 yrs

1st Olivia Miller 26:44

2nd Poppy Horton 27:56

3rd Stephanie Smith 28:15

Boy 14 to 16 yrs

1st Max Barton 20:39

2nd Adam Mahoney 21:30

3rd Finlay Pattison 21:50

Girl 14 to 16 yrs

1st Madeline Barker 18:33

2nd Freya Bundy 19:08

3rd Isobel Calabritto 19:40

Winning Team

Team Bakers

Lewis Gostling 25:46, Andy Hart 26:46, David Vickers 27:53. Freya Causer 28:17, Scott Causer 28:17

Oldest Competitor

Colin Ware 37:42

Congratulations to the award winners and all runners that took part on the day!

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