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Training Plans

The following training plans have been developed by our Olympian Ambassador, Paul Evans. Please select the option which matches your ability. Please ensure you have read the disclaimer, below, before commencing a training plan.

This training plan is for runners how can comfortably run at least 5k (parkrun) The programme consists of 3 running sessions per week.

This plan is aimed at runners who can run 10k

The training plan below is aimed for men sub: 1.45 & women sub 2hrs


  • Every athlete accepts full and complete responsibility for their own actions. Running carries its own interest risks and athletes are responsible for ensuring their safety at all time. 

  • The Brentwood Half Marathon organisers and Paul Evans Coaching accepts no liability for injuries or damages to runners while running. 

  • If you have any medical conditions that could affect you, it’s your responsibility to make The Brentwood Half Marathon organisers or Paul Evans Coaching aware of this.

  • If you feel dizzy, faint or unwell it’s your responsibility to stop exercising.

  • It’s your decision alone whether or not you are fit and able to run. If you are unsure consult your physician. 

  • Appropriate clothing and footwear for running must be worn. You should dress appropriately for the weather and for the lighting conditions. 

  • High visibility clothing and head torches are recommended for all runners when running in lower visibility settings.

  • It is recommend that you run with your mobile phone or a means of contacting help if needed.

  • Each runner accepts full and complete liability for their actions at all time

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